Sunday, 26 October 2014

Outdoor Restoration 2 - Back Garden Transformation!

Just over a year ago, we showed you some of the early restoration we had managed to achieve.

An update is urgently overdue, so here we go . . .

As we showed you in March 2013, the back garden, which had previously been full of strawberries, was just a wilderness of weeds over the remains of the raised beds.

Val's vision was to create a cottage garden, with new flower beds and a small vegetable plot.

First steps - clear the weeds, level the ground and mark out the planned lawn, paths and beds with plastic rope.  (Late August 2013)

Just 2½ months later, and the new lawn and grass path have started growing.  The framework is beginning to show . . .

January 2014, and looking the other way up the back garden, the lawn and the path have survived but the new veg plot looks soggy and in need of attention.

Early April 2014:  Veg plot cultivated, slightly sunken paths dug, first lettuces planted out and Thor and Dave busy on 'Thor's Plot'.

5 or 6 weeks later, and Thor's carrots, broccoli and kale are doing well.

Thor's first carrot - early July 2014 - and you can see the broccoli flourishing in the background.

A different view up the back garden, still early July - grass paths well grown, vegetable plot developing and Val's 'wild flower meadow' starting on the left.

Transformation!  A cottage garden to be proud of!  Plenty of admiring comments from walkers on the lane.